Face Recognition: A Modern Way of Security
  • byNagarjuna Kolipaka

Authentication plays a central role in boosting an organization’s security posture with years of technological development, a new system has arrived under the hedge of AI: Facial Recognition. Facial recognition has brought a new level of identification trend, and this Biometric solution is being used by all major entities as a measure of security in any organization.

With facial recognition, the security of any organization or critical location can be enhanced. Any facial recognition algorithm maps out facial features captured in an image or video. These systems analyze images of human faces for the purpose of identifying them in a photograph or video—is one of the most powerful surveillance tools ever made.  Facial recognition systems can be used to unlock their phones, identify people in photos or sort their photos, videos, or in real-time.

Here are some of the most common uses of Facial Recognition today’s world.

  • Unlocking Phones and Offices
  • Social Media
  • Home Security
  • Crime Prevention

In the field of security and Defence, the Face recognition solution has been a major component. Here’s why:

Criminal identification:

Facial Recognition system can compare photographs and videos of people previously arrested with images obtained from surveillance cameras. In this process database containing all the previous criminals’ records information about criminals, that makes it easier to identify them. If the sensor identifies the face of a person with the algorithms and if the face matches, it’s a goal/win.  It's a more efficient, effective, and better way to locate criminal suspects.

Police Authorities & Defence Services:

Facial recognition helps in identifying criminals in regular police checks. Police stations have facial recognition systems or software to track the unwanted people with past criminal records and are wanted. Since only a few people have access to the database that contains some confidential information hidden with them, with facial recognition, only they can have access to it. The database when matches with a person’s face with the previous records, is easier to get hold of suspects through simple algorithms.

Attendance Tracking:

Facial recognition involving education and organizations is also stepped by step. Schools, Educational Institutions, Industries, and offices are using face recognition to track attendance and avoid any malicious activity on-premises.

Bank Services:

Face recognition in the Banks plays a major role. With this product of Artificial intelligence as a security measure to detect any suspects entering without being identified.

Online payment:

Security also contains safe online payments. Since each face is unique like a biometric /fingerprint, there is no chance that your payment will be hacked, as the payment will be made once your face matches.

Airport Service:

In many countries, airports use this system of artificial intelligence to recognize the faces of passengers so that there are no suspected risks involved in the flights like drugs supply and many more security issues. The government of the USA also has decided to improve airport security with the facial recognition system for registration and identification of visitors.

Governments across the world

Governments across the world are increasing their investments towards facial recognition technology, especially the US and China are the leaders in the facial recognition market.

The US has several states that have allowed law enforcement to run searches within the existing database – these searches include details of a driver’s face, license, and ID photos. In the Police checks also the facial recognition using and resulting search techniques.

The whole world is using Face recognition and reaping many benefits. In India, banks are using this facial recognition technology to prevent fraud at ATM Centres and banks. It is also used for identifying duplicate voters, verification of passport and visa, driving license, etc.

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