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Fourth Eye - Face & Emotion Detection


Artificial Intelligence has made significant advancements in Facial Recognition Technology, and it has a variety of applications and beneficial use cases in both the front end and back end of businesses all over the world. But, now many business critical factors have forced businesses to adopt to Multifunctional & Multi-dimensional Face Recognition Solution to meet their requirements.

Meet Fourth Eye,Our Multifunctional & Multi-dimensional Face Recognition System, built on Machine & Deep Learning.



Fourth Eye can:

  • Track attendance without biometric, or register maintenance
  • Detect face emotions
  • Check face masks
  • Perform eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) process for financial institutions
  • Perform secure contactless transactions
  • Identify people online on social media platforms
  • Pick up doppelganger/fake entry attempts for alerting security
  • Generate analytics and reports


Fourth Eye can detect faces in any video stream in real-time, can count people accurately, validate faces against a database of faces, notifies the user when matches are detected, alerts critical team when faces are not matched, and provides informative statistical reports.

Built on a sophisticated AI algorithm, Fourth Eye supports all streams, has a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast processing make the product ideal for government and enterprise security tasks.

No System or Users Limitation

Fourth Eye provides unlimited streams and faces recognition options. It takes less than half second to detect, identify the face and send a notification about the event.

Top Speed & High Accuracy

The recognition algorithms in Fourth Eye work with the utmost precision. The system is self-learning and keeps enhancing its own accuracy as it is backed up with learning from a secured centralized SaaS platform. The System Architecture is highly optimized to run processes at higher speed, so it can recognize and complete associated tasks within a second.

Optimized Application with SaaS

The Fourth Eye Solution is Hybrid, available both on-premise & SaaS, which makes optimal use of the available resources in your company. You do not need expensive hardware because Fourth Eye reduces hardware costs without losing quality and speed.

Contact Us today for the demo of Fourth Eye aiml-sales@aibridgeml.com or by phone USA: +1 214-814-7071/  IND: +91 40  23118011.