About Us - AIBridge ML Pvt Ltd

Providing AI, ML and RPA Solutions to Enterprise worldwide

AIBridge ML provides solutions in AI space from augmentation to automation to become a strategic differentiator to its clients to achieve continuous business growth leveraging the available data.

AIBridge ML provides:

  • Solutions to critical AI use case
  • Work with business to help identify business critical use cases
  • Create a roadmap for implementation
  • Build, Deploy & Support the solution

AIBridge ML helps create an AI platform to support Business Decisions:

  • Access the current state of AI platform maturity
  • Create a vision for AI platform along with Business
  • Provide a plan for AI platform implementation in a staggered manner
  • Build and Deploy the AI platforms
  • Iterate the process to take the maturity to the next level

AIBridge ML automates AI solutions as per need:

  • Identify the opportunity and benefit analysis of automation
  • Create a roadmap for implementation
  • Build, Deploy & Support the automation solution as per plan
  • Access the maturity and plan for the next level as per need

Continuous Customer Success

To be recognized as TOP 10 AI Solution Leaders in the world

To be able to cater to the various AI needs of clients and partners in their journey for sustained growth by providing critical insights



Ajay Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Ajay Gupta has over 21 years of experience in building and growing successful Global Software Services Organizations. He also led the implementation of Quality and cross-departmental processes for quality assurance at his previous companies.

Mr. Gupta is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership in the company. Mr. Gupta also heads the Global Delivery Team, including product and customer support services.

Eugene Paden, Co-Founder and CTO

With over 25 years of technology experience, Mr. Eugene Paden, has been creating, delivering and implementing technological solutions aligned with business strategies and objectives, improving business performance and revenue generation. He is highly accomplished in conducting research, building technological architecture, product and business development and delivery. Mr. Eugene is passionate about managing teams and providing targeted training and development for optimal employee performance and increased productivity.

Mr. Eugene has technical proficiency in cloud based services, over the top (OTT) media services, systems and network administration, database administration, data analytics, object oriented development and agile development practices. He has led successful critical digital transformation project in top enterprises worldwide.

Ajay Ray, Co-Founder & Director

Mr. Ajay Ray, with over 22 years of Business and Technology experience, has worked extensively on Technology and Business Solutions, new market development, thought leadership, mentoring startups, and managing profitable delivery centers for leading IT multinationals.

Mr. Ajay Ray has excellent experience in diverse areas encompassing sales & marketing, strategic planning, P&L management, business acquisition, budget implementation, relationship management, and people management. He has been a speaker at several Conferences and Seminars on topics ranging from International Business, Entrepreneurship, People Management, Leadership, Project/Program Management, Information Security and Digital Transformations.

Mr. Ajay Ray is focused on creating value, delivering results and enabling growth for all stakeholders. He is regarded as a Business leader with successful track record of creating and scaling multi-million technology businesses in various worldwide geographies, in turn growing stakeholder value.

Prajnajit Mohanty, Sr. Data Scientist

Mr. Prajnajit Mohanty is an AI Delivery Leader & Management professional having 18+ years of experience in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Decision Science, Analytics & Business Intelligence with global exposure, working with Fortune 500 Clientele in various geographies spanning across BFSI, Retail, Pharma and Telecom industries.

Praj has extensive experience in Google Cloud Platform AI tools & Cloudera Data Science Workbench with special focus on integration with BigData Ecosystem.

Praj is inspired by Artificial Intelligence and feels the ultimate utilization of technology lies in uplifting the quality of human life & environment.