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Employee Sentiment based KPIs Prediction


  • Analytical approach to identify the social sentiments KPIs based on internal and public data of current and past employees.
  • A today's connected world, an image of an organization is greatly echoed by how it is perceived internally as well as socially. Hence it is imperative to identify some of the key sentiment KPIs and take proactive measures to improve.
  • A downward social sentiment can directly impact the organization top line and hamper the potential growth path.

Solution Approach

  • Based on the social media data with the probabilistic matching of internal data, we could define certain sentiment KPIs.
  • Deep diving on Natural Language Processing ( NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), we could decode the feedback and categorize them into tangible KPIs.


  • The organization could get a feel of the sentiments of the employee and could draw actionable insights.
  • Helps an organization to capitalize on one of the most important assets that are human capital.
  • Creates an environment of trust and builds great rapport within employees.
  • Improves the organization's image amongst prospective employees
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