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AiMunshi: Document Automation Tool

As the global business scenarios evolve and the technology ecosystem sees a shift in paradigm with the age of AI, firms are ready to transform their functions with efficient document automation tools. This will pioneer the rapid automation of day-to-day tasks encompassing payments, billing, and credit functions. AiMunshi has been rolled out as one of the most efficient and customized tools for document automation.

By leveraging the AiMunshi document automation tool, users can seamlessly process and transfer data across file systems and documents. It will allow the workforce to focus on core processes and functions, accelerate processes, and enhance customer service.

Intelligent Data Extraction with AiMunshi


The tool empowers finance and operations personnel to track the status of an invoice, generate reports, as well as update the ledger to reflect real-time analytics. Modern enterprises tend to rely on data extraction software for segregating crucial information from all forms of electronic documents. The data is stored in an output file specified with the selected path. This will automate the extraction of text from digital documents, and convert it into the desired format for building analytical reports.

The AiMunshi achieves a high degree of accuracy with the deep learning engine that acts as a vital component of the invoice automation software. This will ultimately help personnel take up tasks that require human intervention and thinking, thereby leaving out repetitive tasks for the machines. The tool empowers finance and operations executives to track the status of an invoice through capturing, storage, and retrieval. The invoices and credit notes can be received through sources such as e-mail and stored on individual machines or file systems.




Accelerating Business Agility

The AiMunshi invoice data extraction software enables complete invoice automation and can process hundreds of invoices and transaction credit notes that are solicited from different vendors. It is enabled by the smart capturing and storage of critical data available in different formats such as hand-written notes and made readily available for external networks with authorized access. Our data capture services are powered by machine learning and can calculate the vectors between all forms of text without writing explicit code.

The AiMunshi automates manual data entry and data capture efforts; increasing the efficiency of document-driven business processes that rely on real-time data. It can identify the difference in templates even when the information is consistent – avoiding discrepancies that involve mixing up templates with targeted fields.





AiMunshi Data Capture and Processing Capabilities

  • Sharing information between portals as well as disparate systems over diverse platforms
  • Reducing efforts to convert data between different formats and sources across the processes
  • Ability to retrieve data from ‘pdf’ and read-only without having to build or write code
  • RPA-powered automation tool to perform tasks for identifying and capturing real-time data
  • Extraction of individual line items from different projects billed for the same client or customer
  • Intelligent validation options with prediction or self-correction of retrieved data for business use
  • End-to-end automation for handling data with vendors across all businesses transactions
  • Maintaining seamless interaction between data capture and enterprise-level information system
  • Storage of extracted information into the cloud or on-premise systems for running audit reports & analytics
  • Preservation of confidential information along with the ability to reduce errors in data capture

An invoice automation tool is crucial for modern-day businesses to capture transaction data in credit notes received from multiple vendors. It empowers finance and other functional executives to scale up their processes with intelligent recognition of data irrespective of layout or the template of the document. By leveraging the invoice automation tool, firms have enhanced their functional capabilities in terms of enterprise data storage and processing.

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