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AIBridge ML at NASSCOM SME connect for CXOs at Hyderabad

The NASSCOM SME Connect concluded at HICC in Hyderabad on 18 October 2019. The event brought together experts and business pioneers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The conclave aimed at discovering new avenues in AI and Machine Learning that could help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) transform towards sustainable growth. Convened under the theme ‘The Next Frontier of AI’, the meet explored ways to accomplish next-gen transformation with AI.

Experts at the conclave deliberated on the advancements in deep learning and effective ways to educate models to drive organizational processes by utilization of advanced tools and competent resources. Mr. Prajnajit Mohanty, Chief Decision Scientist at AIBridge ML, delivered an enriching session on incorporating intelligent tools and deep learning models for various businesses and enterprises.

As part of the address titled "AI Strategy for CXOs", Mr. Mohanty emphasized on innovating conventional processes and replacing legacy systems with powerful and intelligent models that could revolutionize day-to-day transactions and cement synergies with fellow channel partners. Sharing success stories with the attendees, he underlined how the revolution in Artificial Intelligence could make an impact at all levels of the business landscape and advised entrepreneurs and top executives from SMEs to undergo the desired transformation for future growth.

Besides the learning sessions, the event offered opportunities to network among industry peers and discuss building relationships with fruitful interaction. The SME Connect platform offered by NASSCOM also enabled small as well as mid-sized firms to collaborate on path-breaking innovation from the technical as well as functional standpoint.

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AIBridge ML offers cutting-edge services to its customers around Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and RPA with robust tools and proven processes. The firm plays a crucial role in crafting success using tools and methodologies that encompass the Industry 4.0 automation and intelligent forecasting capabilities. The firm has a footprint across the US, Australia, Canada, and India. We have a strong presence across several domains such as Media, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, and more.