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What is Face Recognition?

Biometric Facial Recognition is now one among the foremost demanded identification solutions for online identity verification. Today’s surveillance market has evolved and moved beyond these traditional cameras, and technologies like biometric facial recognition are taking center stage.

Face Recognition Technology capable of identifying or verifying a topic through a picture, video, or any audio-visual element of his face. Generally, this identification is employed to access an application, system, or service.

Unlike other identification solutions such as passwords, verification by email, selfies or images, or fingerprint identification, Biometric facial recognition uses unique mathematical and dynamic patterns with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies that make this system one of the safest and most effective ones.

How Does Face Recognition Work?

Face Recognition systems capture an incoming image from a camera device during a two-dimensional or three-dimensional way counting on the characteristics of the device. In this comparison of faces, it analyses mathematically the incoming image with none margin of error and it verifies that the biometric data matches the one that must use the service or is requesting access to an application, system, or maybe building.

According to a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report, the accuracy of facial recognition technologies dramatically improved between 2013 and 2018. Under ideal circumstances, Face Recognition can be 99.97% accurate. However, with poor lighting and positioning, leading algorithms can have a 9% mismatch rate – and less effective algorithms will have higher error rates.

Some of the use cases for Face Recognition are:

  • Access to Mobile Applications
  • Online Payment Methods
  • Access Office Premises
  • Check-in Tourism Services
  • Identify People on Social Media Platform
  • Tracking School/Office Attendance
  • Forensic Investigation/Find Missing Persons
  • Entertaining Apps

The Future of Face Recognition

The future of facial recognition is incredibly promising. Facial recognition becomes an ever-larger part of the biometrics market and digital transformation efforts across the globe. As investments in face recognition technologies increase and technologies mature, we see facial recognition usage increasing in some use cases, including new ones. Some countries are further way ahead of the curve than others in implementing this technology. Face Recognition Technology using to prevent ATM fraud in India. The U.S. has applied Face Recognition to airport security so as to spot and register visitors. Also, Major industries like Education, and Healthcare, are going to be close behind.

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